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Certificate in Compressed Air Treatment Technology (CATT)

Online learning programme

The course provides a tutorial to help you understand where contaminants come from, how they can affect compressed air systems and how they are best removed.

Compressed air is a safe and reliable form of power, widely used in industry and business. Compressed air: however, is not clean it contains many hazards in the form of contamination. In a typical compressed air system, there are ten main contaminants that require treatment if the system is to operate safely, efficiently and cost effectively.
Enrolling on this course will help you understand the necessity of compressed air treatment, how it is achieved, the many different types of equipment available and how they are selected to achieve the best results.

Course duration

1 Hour online study
20 Minutes final online test

Learning path progress

Study material download
One online study module
One final test
Pass certificate available in learner dashboard
Course expires 90-days after purchase if not completed

Further information

This BCAS course takes an hour to complete and covers the following subject areas:

  • Identify the different types of compressed air contamination
  • Identify the sources of compressed air contamination
  • Understand the different types of compressed air filtration technologies available and the contaminants they treat
  • Understand the different technologies available to dry compressed air
  • A downloadable safety card is also provided with this course.

A downloadable Guide is also provided with this course

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