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Compressed Air and Vacuum Technician (CAVT) Apprenticeship with Semester: L&D

What is the Apprenticeship Standard?

The Apprenticeship Standard (Compressed Air and Vacuum Technician (CAVT)) Compressed Air and Vacuum Technician (CAVT)) has been produced by the BCAS trailblazer group where industry experts from the BCAS membership worked alongside the Institute for Apprenticeship and Technical Education.

The standard lays down the knowledge, skills and behaviours that are necessary to complete the apprenticeship, but does not prescribe how that is to be delivered. It is tested at the end through the End Point Assessment (EPA).

Semester L&D has used its extensive experience in both engineering, IT and business to put together qualifications, and units that will meet the knowledge and skills section required for the apprenticeship. Full details can be seen  on the Semester web site.:

How is it paid for?

If the company is based in England and the apprentice spends more than 51% of his/her time in England, then the fee is covered 95% by the Levy. The company will pay the remaining 5% over the duration of the apprenticeship through its PAYE account (£700 over 3 years).

If your company is a Levy Payer, then the fee will be deducted from your Levy pot each month.

Remember BCAS members may be entitled to a training grant if using a BCAS approved training provider

What is Delivered?

Click on a programme in the left hand tab menu to read more information:

The modules are linked to the knowledge, skills and behaviours required in the CAVT apprentice standard which can be viewed on the IFATE web site.

BCAS training provides the industry specific education in the following modules:

Compressed Air Service Engineer Health And Safety Training Certificate

Certificate in Compressed Air Systems Technology

Understanding Pressure Systems Safety Regulations (PSSR 2000 S.I.128)

This is a 3-unit qualification (equivalent to 1 AS ‘Level). We are including the following units:

Health & Safety in the Engineering Workshop

Communications Technologies

Information Systems

This is a 6-unit qualification (equivalent to 1 A ‘Level) covering engineering topics:

Maths for Engineering Technicians

Communication for Engineering Technicians

Commercial Aspects of Engineering Organisations

Electrical and Electronic Principles in Engineering

Engineering Maintenance Procedures and Techniques

Engineering Project

The inclusion of the NVQ at level 3 allows the qualified to gain Construction Skills Certification Scheme (CSCS) accreditation – Blue or Gold Card

Complying with Statutory Regulations and Organisational Safety Requirements

Using and Interpreting Engineering Data and Documentation

Working Efficiently and Effectively in Engineering

Handing Over and Confirming Completion of Installation or Commissioning Activities

Installing Compressed Air Equipment

Commissioning Compressed Air Equipment

Please do not hesitate to email for more information

If you are a BCAS member, please remember to speak to us about your apprentice training grant if a BCAS approved training provider is selected.