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Compressed Air Systems' Testing and Examinations
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The British Compressed Air Society has developed this course to give individuals the basic knowledge and skills to provide competent examination services in accordance with Regulation 9 of the Pressure Systems Safety Regulations, S.I. 2000 No. 128.  The course is based on the requirement of Regulation 9 which requires a “competent person” performs an examination of specified parts of a compressed air system. Please note this course does not enable the candidates to certify written schemes – It provides the knowledge to examine against a written scheme.

Study topics Include:

  • An introduction to a typical compressed air system and compressed air safety
  • An understanding of the Pressure Systems Safety Regulations, with emphasis on Regulation 9
  • An definition of the role of those who draw up or certify written schemes
  • An overview of the basic criteria for the requirement to have a written scheme
  • A review of manufacturer data for pressure vessels, pressure relief valves and other relevant equipments
  • An understanding of (CE/UKCA) marking of pressure vesselsrs
  • Best practice and field examples
  • A review of compressed air system drawings, diagrams and symbols
  • An overview of the role of international standards (ISO)
  • Information on the calculations important to the safe and reliable operation of compressed air systems

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This course is a blended learning course spanning a number of online and classroom based modules.

It is expected that you will be conducting your studies towards your qualifications over the space of three months.

  • Understanding PSSR                     – Online Module – 4 hours
  • Non Destructive Testing (NDT)    – Online Module – 1 hour
  • Maths & Science Module              – Online Module – 1 hour
  • Virtual Classroom Session            – Microsoft Teams Live Event – 3 hours
  • Research Project                           – Self study project – 1.3 hours
  • Physical Classroom Session          – Live Tutor Event – 6 hours
  • Final Examination                          – Online – 1 hour

It is important that anyone wishing to attend the course can meet the following minimum criteria:

  • 2 years’ experience in the compressed air sector*
  • Working knowledge of common compressor installations
  • Working knowledge of filters, regulators and lubricators
  • Understanding of safety valve principle and operation
  • Knowledge of safety procedures required for working on pressurised systems
  • Awareness of the Pressure Systems Safety Regulations

The above requirements are a guide. Please contact the office to discuss the background of the prospective engineer to see if they attain the acceptable standard before applying.  BCAS reserves the right to decline applications from people unable to demonstrate sufficient experience

  • BCAS’ five-year accreditation as a competent examiner
  • The BCAS-generated written scheme template – recognised as industry best practices
  • Detailed course materials – to be retained as required for your five-year recertification
  • BCAS Fact Sheets & Guides
  • Certificate of completion

The course will include examinations on each section and the candidate will be required to pass all sections to gain the certificate. The certification is valid for a five-year period. At the end of this time, a BCAS Competent Examiner refresher course will need to be taken to re-certify the candidate for a further five years

  • This course does NOT enable the successful candidate to CERTIFY written schemes
  • The course is restricted to compressed air systems, it does not cover steam
  • This course will only concentrate on ‘minor’ systems (i.e. up to 20 bar)
  • The course does not cover how to write a written scheme or its associated paperwork

The course contributes to an examiners knowledge -The certification is valid for a 5 year period.  At the end of this time a refresher course will need to be taken to re certify the candidate for a further 5 years.

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