Diploma in Compressed Air Management (DipCAM)

Online learning programme

This qualification aims to provide a comprehensive technical grounding in the principles of the operation of compressed air systems. It has been developed and produced to meet the needs of people who have responsibility for a compressed air installation and wish to attain a level of technical knowledge.

The course is 50 hours of self study and 10 self test modules followed by a final exam

Why should I take this diploma?

The diploma will be of value to sales personnel, and those who design or maintain compressed air systems. The six-month, flexible learning package is relevant to manufacturers, distributors, managers, maintainers and installers of compressed air equipment and systems.

Course duration

50 Hours Self Study
10 Study Modules
10 Self assesment tests
1 final invigulated online examination
1 final paper submission

Learning path progress

Ten online study modules
Module completions order optional
Ten online self study assessments
One final invigulated examination
Graded certificate available in learner dashboard
Post nominal letters DipCAM
Course expires 2 years after purchase if not completed

The course content includes:

  • An overview of compressed air systems including system components, compression principles and discrete and centralised facilities.
  • Insight in to pressure regulation and control, including pressure control devices, such as pressure valves and pneumatic actuators and pressure gauges, including their construction and selection.
  • The storage of compressed air. The theory of air storage and auxiliary storage including absolute, atmospheric and gauge pressure definitions. The construction, selection and testing of vessels.
  • Energy-efficient control including pressure, time and load-related controls, sequential controls, multiple compressor control and electronic motor controls.
  • Compressed air system elements. Applying a ‘whole-system ‘approach, including system pressure drop, compressors and distribution, piping, air treatment and condensate management.
  • Pneumatic control systems, including flow control devices, safety circuits, ISO 1219 and drawing symbols.
  • Compressor types. The principles of operation, selection, installation and maintenance of reciprocating compressors, screw compressors (including packaged), vane compressors and an overview of aerodynamic compressors.
  • Safe working practices and safety issues. UK legislation & EC directives including compliance with the pressure systems’ safety regulations (PSSR).
  • Air treatment commissioning and maintenance, including the selection and operation of aftercoolers, dryers, filters, lubricants and COSHH compliance. • Specific legislation, including the Machines’ Directive: basic principles and compliance; PUWER: basic principles and compliance Environmental legislation: ensuring compliance & environmental records.

The course will include an on line invigilated examination on each section and the candidate will be required to pass all sections to gain the certificate. Learning materials are provided via the BCAS LMS ensuring this valuable course can be delivered to candidates in their work place or home. A truly international English language based qualification.

How to register

The Diploma in Compressed Air Management (DipCAM) course requires you to select a date for your final summative exam during purchase. We have a number of dates throughout the year when your online exam can take place. Simply choose the best date that works for you, and your purchase of the online event ticket will include your access to the online course.

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